About Me

Is it Real?

I believe magic exists in the world today. Real magic, is one that is experienced in the mind of the audience. My role is to simply take you on a journey into a world that is not supposed to exist. Imagine if you woke up in a world that was different. Things don't work as if they should. The physics do not make sense and everything seems "normal" but it's not.  

Artifice, Ruse, and Subterfuge

My journey in magic started as a child. I was always mesmerized by magicians, whether on TV or in person. They were my superheros with what appeared to be real life superhero abilities. I have dedicated the last 12 years to studying the art of magic. Countless hours have been spent in books, practicing, attending lecturers, and workshops with some of the best magicians in the world. I have been blessed to not only meet my heroes, but to also share the stage with them. 

The Conjuring Arts

My paintbrush can be a deck of cards, or something as simple as a coin. My canvas is the journey I take you on. A journey where people forget about their everyday problems, and experience a sense of wonder and amazement. I hope one day, I can share my passion for creating a magical experience with you. 

The art of wonder & amazemenT


Close-Up / Strolling Magic

An ideal complement to any celebration,  this strolling style of magic is perfect for any social situation such as a cocktail hour or reception.  Your guests will talk about it far after the event is over as the magic happens inches away and in their very own hands.  Whether it's going from table to table or walking around mingling with guests, your guests will experience their very own close-up and personal magic show. 


Stand-Up / Parlour Magic

A unique stand-up act for a sitting audience of 10 to 60 people. This performance will require an area where your guests will be able to view and see the magic. An alternative table sit-down show is also available for smaller audiences. A brief stand-up act can be combined or followed with close-up / strolling magic. 


Gambling demonstration

This demonstration requires a table, and can only accommodate a few guests at a time.  Calvin will demonstrate various ways people cheat at cards, such as dealing any poker hand called for, false cuts, false shuffles, controlling a card anywhere in the deck, bottom dealing, and various card palming techniques.  Keep in mind, this is only a demonstration in techniques that Calvin has mastered through years of practice, and is not a workshop to teach people how to cheat at cards.   


Add some magic to your next event!


1st Place for Close-Up Magic - 2016 International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 6

2nd Place for Close-Up Magic - 2016 Society of American Magicians Assembly 4

1st Place for Close-Up Magic - 2015 International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 6

1st Place for Stage Magic- 2014 International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 6

2nd Place for Close-Up Magic - 2014 International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 6

3rd Place for Close-Up Magic - 2011 Tampa Bay Magic

1st Place for Stage Magic - 2010 Florida Magic

Calvin Tan is a member of:

The London Magic Circle

International Brotherhood of Magicians

Society of American Magicians

Magician's Alliance of the Eastern States